Ultra-Experienced Digital Art Director & Sound Designer/Composer with a demonstrated history of working in multiple industries. Worked for both in-house and Agencies in Dallas and London, England. Designs for both Desktop & Mobile applications and is experienced with UX/UI. Skilled in Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, InDesign, Reason, Logic Pro X, Reason, Pivotal Tracker and Prismic CMS. Can take email marketing from concept & design through cutting at web standards and vendor liaison.

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Hypnoweb/HypnoGraphics, as a freelance business and registered with the City of Dallas since 1994. Providing a high level of design in print, internet and sound applications. The business is centered around 2 founding members but employ a large network of photographers, printers, illustrators and other designers to partner with small businesses to provide them with a flexible and deadline-driven marketing and communications arm. We serve clients from a wide array of business areas. From in-home services, real estate, business technology, health services, restaurants and pubs in and around the North Texas area and in the UK.


As HYPNO Soundsystem I deliver a wide range of soundscapes, music and sound effects to multimedia applications such as YouTube, Podcasting, TV and Movie sound tracks as well as writing and performing musician the music industry since 1986, starting out in recording studios and venues in London, England and in Dallas, Texas from 1994.

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